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Transportation Office

Box Elder School District
(435) 734-4800 District Office
(435) 734-4839 / (435) 279-8150 Transportation

Welcome to the Transportation Department for Box Elder School District (BESD). We are committed to providing safe, courteous, efficient and effective services to all eligible students in the district. On our site you can find policies, safety instructions, bus routing, and more!

Department Organization

Jean CannonSupervisorext. (435) 734-4839
Keevin NelsonRoute Coordinator
Nancy PageAssistant Route Coordinator
Kathy ThompsonDispatch
Glenn ElganLead Mechanic, Brigham Shop
Randy HaltinerMechanic, Brigham Shop
Ryan GardnerMechanic, Tremonton Shop
Preston SteedMechanic, Tremonton Shop
Vicky DeanDriving Instructor
Hal JeffsDriving Instructor


It is important that parent and students understand how to safely board a school bus or leave the bus at the end of their ride. Parents should review the following procedures. Please teach them to your children!

How to safely cross the road and board the bus.

How to safely leave a bus and cross the road.