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EYE II Mentor Evaluation

Box Elder F.I.R.S.T.
Framework for Induction and Retention through Support and Training

To Be Completed by EYE 2 Teacher...

Directions:  The following instrument is designed to obtain feedback on your working relationship with your mentor/coach during your second EYE (Entry Years Enhancement) year. Please return the completed form to the Professional Development Office.

 Rate each of the following items using the following scale:

1=Never          2=Seldom        3=Usually        4=Always

 During my EYE 2 experience my mentor/coach...

1.__________Met with me twice a month

2.__________Earned my respect by his/her professionalism

3.__________Exhibited patience

4.__________Was genuinely interested in my needs

5.__________Helped me evaluate my progress on Utah's EYE requirements and set goals

6.__________Gave me constructive suggestions

7.__________Had an excellent knowledge base

8.__________Met with me about development of my portfolio and my presentation

9.__________Observed my classroom instruction twice and gave me honest, constructive feedback


What were your mentor/coach's greatest strengths?


What could your mentor/coach have done in order to help you more?


Would you recommend this mentor work with future new teachers?  Why or why not?



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