Property Rentals

To help with the process and understanding of renting a facility, Box Elder School District has prepared a checklist for rentals and information about holding public meeting in buildings by political parties. Political party waiver of rental and supervision.

Building Rental Agreement

A rental agreement must be filled out and turned in to the district. The form is available as a Word document and in PDF format.

Payment Information

  • A deposit sufficient to cover estimated cost of rental must be paid in advance. The facility will not be scheduled until this deposit is received.
  • Rental charges will be assessed during all hours that any rental participants are in the building.
  • Non-profit rates apply to organizations or people whose motive is not to make a profit, including governmental entities, universities, churches, service clubs or class reunions.
  • Liability insurance may be required for a rental, but may be waived under certain circumstances.

View detailed information about rentals and fees.

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