District Office

Mission Statement


Learning is everything!

Our work is teaching and learning. Our priority is to ensure students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be positive and productive citizens.


Our vision for Box Elder School district includes the following:

  • All students acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue additional training, education, and employment.
  • Teachers and those who perform supporting roles are valued and honored.
  • Strong partnerships between the home and schools are fostered and developed to share responsibility for student success.
  • Schools are safe in all ways, focused on learning for all.
  • Schools and district offices are respectful and kind places, where collaboration is fostered.
  • The principles of freedom and liberty, including individual rights and responsibilities, are valued, modeled, and taught.


We honor common values and make the following COMMITMENTS:

WE WILL FOCUS ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT. Learning data is used to make instructional decisions, to monitor progress and improve outcomes.
WE WILL BE GROWTH ORIENTED. It is our belief that ability and intelligence are not fixed but can be changed and developed in each of us! A growth mindset is modeled and taught.
WE WILL BE HARD WORKERS AND TEAM PLAYERS. We will do our part devoting time and effort for the success of all those in the District.
WE WILL BE PROBLEM SOLVERS. We will focus on solutions and look at problems as opportunities for learning and improvement.
WE WILL BE HONEST. We will tell the truth and be fair and honest in all of our dealings.
WE WILL BE RESPECTFUL. We will treat everyone with dignity, respect, and courtesy at all times.
WE WILL BE POSITIVE. We will choose to be enthusiastic and emphasize the positive. We will be supportive and avoid negative criticism.
WE WILL BE CONSISTENT in living our values at all times thus having integrity.