Scholarships And Contributions

The mission of Box Elder School District Foundation is:  “To build enduring partnerships between communities and schools.”  The Foundation will complement the resources of Box Elder School District by enriching experiences of our students.  During the year (FY12-13), Box Elder School District Foundation contributed over $50,000.00 to the following schools and students.  NOTE:  Because requests from individual schools vary greatly from year to year, funds awarded vary also.


Bear River High & Box Elder High

Combined Instrumental Concert

 $ 2,024.00

Bear River High & Box Elder High

Combined Choir Concert

 $ 3,500.00

Schools throughout the District

Various Fine Arts Programs

 $ 4,122.00

Donations designated to schools

Classroom Enhancement

 $ 3,712.00

Schools & Classrooms

Technology Enhancement

 $ 6,311.00

Dale Young Alternative High

Adult Education Enhancement

 $ 3,000.00




Marie Eccles Caine Foundation


                                                            $     780.00




NuCor Steel Grants

School Projects





Scholarships Awarded:



Linda Kuwana Minority Scholarship

 Jordan Sanchez




Timothy Craig Richards Scholarship

 James Anderson


Calvin & Reva Wiggins Science  

Brian C Rex


Kaiser Page Medical Scholarship     

 Corvin Dale Arveseth


Heber Lynn Orme    

 Tressa Hale


Jessica Ann Stokes Memorial         

Ashley Saucedo up to $ 5000.00


Dale C Young

Megan Johnson $3,000.00

Odd Fellows Scholarship Jessica Garcia  $ 1000.00  
The Menlove Education Scholarship Cambria Deakin  $1000.00  


Board members and other staff members donate their time and are not paid with foundation funds.  One hundred percent of contributions go directly to scholarships or schools.  The Foundation is the legal agency designated to receive financial gifts made to the schools of Box Elder County.  The Foundation continuously seeks donations to fund projects benefiting students.  Tax deductible contributions to the Foundation may be made in several ways: 

  • Direct contributions (cash, stocks, endowments) 960 South Main, Brigham City, Utah 84302
  • United Way (designating the Box Elder Education Foundation as the recipient)
  • Check –off on your Utah State Tax Return by designating the Box Elder Foundation ID#03