Human Resources

Administrative Agreement
Certificated Agreement
ESP (Classified) Agreement
BESD Employee Corrective Discipline Handbook
BESD Coaching Guidelines and Expectations

Negotiated Agreements

Certificated Agreement

Section Number Title
Section I 3100 Series - Recognition and Definition of Terms
3102 Definition of Terms
3104 General Statement
3106 Recognition of Teachers Association
3108 Annual Negotiations
3110 Procedures for Annual Negotiations
3112 Duration
3114 Binding Effect
3116 Maintenance of Standards
3118 Use of School Facilities
3120 District Advisory Council
3122 School Improvement Councils
Section II 3200 Series - Professional Procedures
3202 Professional Behavior
3204 Educatorís Hours and Class Size
3206 Provisional Educators
3208 Career Educators
3210 Educator Evaluation
3212 Educator Files
3214 Job Descriptions
3216 Transfers and Reassignments
3218 Reduction In Force
3220 Registering Complaints
3222 Grievance Procedure
Section III 3300 Series - Salary & Fringe Benefits
3302 Salary Policy
3304 Insurance
3306 Retirement
3308 Sickness, Absences and Leaves
3310 Professional Staff Public Relations
3312 Educator Protection
3314 Educator Facilities
Appendix A Salary Schedules
A-1 Teacher Salary Schedule
A-1 Teacher Salary Schedule w Half Steps
A-2 Category I -- Intra Curricular Instruction
A-3 Category II -- Extended Curricular Instruction
A-4 High School Coaches Extra Duty Pay
A-5 Category III -- Extra Curricular Instruction
A-6 Head Teacher Stipend
Appendix B District Sponsored Health and Accident Insurance
Appendix C Utah State Retirement System
Appendix D District Calendar
Appendix F Alcohol & Drug Abuse-Employees (Policy 3070)
Appendix G School Termination Procedures (Utah Code)
Appendix H Class Size Reduction Committee
Appendix I Medical Doctorís Certification of Medical Disability
Appendix J Family & Medical Leave Act Request Form
Appendix K Sick Leave Bank Agreement
Appendix L Memorandum Of Understanding
3224 Termination Procedure