Human Resources

Administrative Agreement
Certificated Agreement
ESP (Classified) Agreement
BESD Employee Corrective Discipline Handbook
BESD Coaching Guidelines and Expectations

Negotiated Agreements

ESP (Classified) Agreement

Section Number Title
Section I Introductions and Definitions
Section II Employment and Placement Procedures
Section III Promotion and Transfers
Section IV Appeal and Grievance Procedure
Section V Disciplinary Action and Reduction In Force
Section VI Leave of Absence
Section VII Fringe Benefits
Section VIII Retirement
Addendum I Compensatory Time Off
Addendum II Bus Driver Policies
Addendum III Salary Schedules
III-A Bus Drivers
III-B Food Services
III-C Custodial/Maintenance
III-D Secretaries/Clerks
III-E Aides
III-F School Nurse
III-G Substitues
III-H Natatorium
III-I Supervisor
III-J Technology
III-J District Calendar
Addendum IV Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Board Policy 3070)
Addendum V Family Leave (Board Policy 3090)
Addendum VI Corrective Action Policy
Addendum VII A ESP Summative Evaluation Tool
Addendum VII B ESP Professional Growth Plan
Addendum VIII Sick Leave Bank Agreement