Preschool Services

Department Organization

AshLee NelsonPreschool Coordinatorashlee.nelson@besd.netext. (435) 744-2468

We are a Public & Special Education Preschool run by the Box Elder School District. We are located throughout the district in four elementary schools: Fielding Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Discovery Elementary, and Willard Elementary. We serve children with special needs and typically developing (mainstream) children ages 3-5. Our staff consists of special education teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapist and para educators.

Our program provides an individualized, fun and structured environment that strengthens each child's speech, language, math, physical, literacy, social, and emotional skills. The program follows a research based curriculum designed to prepare children to enter elementary school.

Children with Special Needs

Are you concerned about your child's developmental progress?

Do you feel that they might be behind with their speech, developmental progress or social skills?

As part of Child Find we conduct testing on a monthly basis during the school year to identify children who qualify for special education services. Contact Preschool Coordinator AshLee Nelson at 435-744-2468 to set up a testing date.

Children who qualify for special education services at the ELC attend without tuition payments and will receive district transportation.

Mainstream/Model Students

Are you interested in having your child attend the ELC as a mainstream/model student? A model student is a student who can be an example of proper behavior for the other children in the classroom.

Below are the steps you need to follow to have your child added to our wait list of possible model students.

  1. Contact Preschool Coordinator AshLee Nelson
    (435) 744-2468 to add your child to the waiting list
  2. When openings become available you will
    be contacted.

Mainstream Student Tuition Schedule

  • 2 days per week $70
  • Full Year tuition paid by September 30, 10% discount