Business Office

District Procedures

Policy 1220Procedure 010Pupil Accounting
Policy 2001Procedure 010Full Text of Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance
Procedure 020Cost contained in OMB Cost Principles Circulars
Policy 2010Procedure 010Cash Investment and Management of School District Funds
Policy 2030Procedure 020Purchasing
Procedure 030Purchasing Card Guidelines
Procedure 035Purchasing-Online Teacher Accounts Process (ClassWallet)
Procedure 040Technology Purchasing Procedures
Procedure 050BESD Purchasing - Facilities
Procedure 100General Procurement
Procedure 110Awarding Contracts by Bidding
Procedure 130Awarding Contracts by Request for Proposals
Procedure 135Request for Statement of Qualifications
Procedure 140Approved Vendor List Process
Procedure 150Small Purchases
Procedure 170Contracts and Contract Limitations
Procedure 200Procurement of Construction
Procedure 310Procurement Appeals and Oversight
Policy 2040Procedure 010Records to be Audited
Procedure 100Revenue and Budgeting
Policy 2060Procedure 010Accident & Insurance
Policy 2070Procedure 010Accounting Instructions
Procedure 020Bank Accounts Procedure
Procedure 030Cash Receipts and Expenditures
Procedure 040Disbursement of Funds and General Procedures
Policy 2080Procedure 010Risk Management Procedures
Policy 2140Procedure 010Fixed Assets
Policy 2145Procedure 010Reporting Pornography Procedure
Policy 2160Procedure 010Building Rental Procedures
Procedure 020Building Rental Fees
Procedure 020Building Rentals
Procedure 030Rental Permit Form
Procedure 040District Rental Checklist
Policy 2170Procedure 010Facilites Management
Policy 2180Procedure 010Facilites Management
Policy 2211Procedure 010Transportation: Equipment: Buses
Procedure 020Transportation: Personnel Operators and Mechanics
Procedure 030Transportation: Planning and Funding Route Planning
Policy 2218Procedure 010Procedures for District Check-out Vehicles
Policy 2220Procedure 010Travel Procedures
Policy 2245Procedure 010Child Nutrition
Policy 3000Procedure 010New Employees
Procedure 020Employee Procedures
Procedure 030Time Clock
Procedure 040Payroll Steps
Procedure 050Payroll Procedures
Procedure 060Summary of Leave Benefits
Procedure 065Reporting and Tracking Leave For Principals
Procedure 070Salary Schedules
Procedure 090Yellow Payable Vouchers
Policy 3007Procedure 010Drug & Alcohol Policy Notice to Employees
Policy 3070Procedure 010Drug & Alcohol Policy Notice to Employees
Policy 4030Procedure 010Reading Achievement
Policy 4060Procedure 010Human Sexuality Curriculum Procedures
Policy 4177Procedure 010Responsible Computer Digital Resource Agreement Employee
Policy 5060Procedure 010Accident & Insurance